Movement & Technology Meet Up

I organised a Meet up for the upcoming Tate Exchange in 2018 around the theme of Movement & Technology. As a group we came to the conclusion our broad question would be:

How does an environment affect our movement within a space?

After taking notes and posing questions throughout, I condensed the meeting to:

Creating a sectioned off ‘safe’ space that allows for movement. This is a participatory work that engages with the Tate audience, turning members of public into performers through the environment we construct: both digital and analogue. We can track basic gestures, movement, dance moves through Motion sensors and develop a digital output. This could be projected or displayed some way. This could remain displayed and continue to grow, expand, develop throughout the week. Sound could also become integral, reactionary to the movement made by performers.

Leading this meeting was a great experience in managing a large group of individuals with strong ideas. This meeting aided in the development of my public speaking skills and trying to get the best from everyone, allowing everyone to have there ideas listened to.  From this meeting it became apparent who will most likely become integral to the team.

Wimbledon Maker Space

In the Wimbledon Maker Space I collaborated with a group of students to make a set of rules for the high maintenance equipment. For example, as a group we decided upon the guidelines  for the Trotec Laser Cutter that was then laser cut onto some scrap MDF. This collaborative process was great as it introduced me to more of the student body at Wimbledon and allowed me to form a bigger network within the Maker Space. This personal exchange leading to growth of a community has given me a little more insight into the building of a network. This activity gave me insight into team building and collaborating in an open manner with people I just met.


I decided to get involved with one of the first student led Maker Space meetings as Wimbledon has one of the most engaged students bodies in terms of the Maker Spaces. The Wimbledon students understand the culture of the space and where able to identify areas in which they needed to improve. I was able to advise on a few different areas and helped guide the structuring of some of the space guidelines. Being involved in this meeting allowed me to develop my consultancy skills.

Tate Exchange Meeting Camberwell 7/11/17

I had the chance to lead a Tate Exchange meeting at Camberwell, Tuesday 7/11/17, where attendees began to think of broader questions we could pose at the 2018 event that would allow for larger clusters of artists to form and spark collaborative works. It was a quieter meeting than what we had previously had which meant I was able to develop my skills in leadership and chairing meetings in a manageable setting. The responsibility of channeling attendees focus towards a collective aim came naturally and those in attendance left on a positive note. There were several interesting conversations on various peoples interest and how we may be able to collaborate to develop them further. Identifying individuals that may be anchor points in projects was also a great lesson in networking – finding the people that will be integral to the construction of projects within the Tate Exchange. This was a good opportunity for me to develop public speaking skills that will become more frequent through the internship.