Tate Exchange Meeting Camberwell 7/11/17

I had the chance to lead a Tate Exchange meeting at Camberwell, Tuesday 7/11/17, where attendees began to think of broader questions we could pose at the 2018 event that would allow for larger clusters of artists to form and spark collaborative works. It was a quieter meeting than what we had previously had which meant I was able to develop my skills in leadership and chairing meetings in a manageable setting. The responsibility of channeling attendees focus towards a collective aim came naturally and those in attendance left on a positive note. There were several interesting conversations on various peoples interest and how we may be able to collaborate to develop them further. Identifying individuals that may be anchor points in projects was also a great lesson in networking – finding the people that will be integral to the construction of projects within the Tate Exchange. This was a good opportunity for me to develop public speaking skills that will become more frequent through the internship.


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