The building of networks has been a key consideration to me over the last few months working alongside the Digital Maker Collective. I am constantly aware of the time frame of the internship which gives me a sense of urgency. I feel it necessary to build relationships with students, staff, industry professionals and institutions in a short amount of time that will benefit my professional development in the future. I think building organic business relations in the arts industry is mutually beneficial to both parties as I think they will lead to future collaborations, transactions, work, relations etc. I am constantly asking questions to inspiring people I am meeting to get the most out of conversations. People have valuable information to share, but most people are scared to ask seemingly silly questions. This is a huge shame as often those questions lead to very meaningful responses that can hold great value. I think networking is extremely key in any self motivated business. There is no defined pathway in the arts, like finance etc. We, as artists, have to utilise the resources, contacts and opportunities we are given to the full potential to create a support system or infrastructure that is beneficial for all involved.

Green Lab visit 12/12/17

On Tuesday 12th December I had the opportunity to visit Bermondsey based company Green Lab. Green Lab is a sustainable food research company that doubles up as ‘a workspace for entrepreneurs and other agricultural mavericks who are designing beautiful solutions to complex food problems. Encouraging creativity, collaboration, experimentation and play, it incubates ideas that make food systems more productive and resilient, and that can put more natural and healthy food on our tables.’

It was an interesting visit to a business that worked as a fluid space, doubling up as more than just a research lab exploring food systems. Whilst there, paying members were using the space to develop ideas for business start ups. As an environment it was great, with many different tests occurring throughout the space. This visit was a good opportunity for me to observe and listen a lot more in meetings. The main focus of the discussion was how Green Lab may collaborate or support the Art & Science group. This is a group that I am not currently working alongside, which I hope to change in 2018. I inputted where I could to the discussion but it was mostly outside of my knowledge and expertise. This was a relatively informative trip that may lead to future collaborative work with Green Lab.

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Creative Critical Digital Conference

I organised with Katherine Dwyer to help with the events management of the CCD Digital Conference. This involved briefly setting up the space and welcoming visitors, giving them passes and directing them to the conference space. It was disappointing to not explore more areas that would help develop my events management skills as this is what was offered to myself and Josh. Because of this, I have arranged with Katherine to have a meeting in the lead up to an event I am running externally to UAL in January to develop my knowledge outside of this event. This conference was a great insight into where different universities across the UK are adapting to the digital world we are living in. It was surprising to see the difficulties universities are challenged with and how they are disconnected to the relatively simple solutions. It became even more clear that what Chris Follows and the Digital Maker Collective are constructing are very progressive and forward thinking. I think the model of education we are building within the Maker Spaces will become more prevalent in education in the future. The conference was a great place to expand my network in the educational field and I was able to meet some very interesting people, some of which I will continue a dialogue with in the future.


Movement & Technology Development

The Movement & Technology group had its second meeting which I organised. With each meeting we have decided to rotate the chairperson of the meeting, creating a balanced and equal responsibility with core members. Rosie-Munor-Kerr was appointed this position for this meeting and she was able to channel the groups ideas very well into a more concise mood board. I was able to support Rosie in this meeting and direct the focus when it strayed off centre. It was rewarding to let the responsibility of the meeting fall onto others and allow them to develop there own professional chairperson skills.

The group has made some interesting developments that will explore audience as performer in a space or environment that we as a collective will construct. It is a great group of individuals that all have amazing expertise to contribute.