Creative Critical Digital Conference

I organised with Katherine Dwyer to help with the events management of the CCD Digital Conference. This involved briefly setting up the space and welcoming visitors, giving them passes and directing them to the conference space. It was disappointing to not explore more areas that would help develop my events management skills as this is what was offered to myself and Josh. Because of this, I have arranged with Katherine to have a meeting in the lead up to an event I am running externally to UAL in January to develop my knowledge outside of this event. This conference was a great insight into where different universities across the UK are adapting to the digital world we are living in. It was surprising to see the difficulties universities are challenged with and how they are disconnected to the relatively simple solutions. It became even more clear that what Chris Follows and the Digital Maker Collective are constructing are very progressive and forward thinking. I think the model of education we are building within the Maker Spaces will become more prevalent in education in the future. The conference was a great place to expand my network in the educational field and I was able to meet some very interesting people, some of which I will continue a dialogue with in the future.


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  1. Hi Izaak,

    Thanks for such great continued contributions to your blog – it’s been great to read about the range of things you’ve been doing. And really good to see that you are getting involved in university- and sector-wide activities such as the CCD Conference.

    As I read all your posts I noticed how much you focus on the idea of building a network. This is really interesting as it is often something I find students (and staff!) are reluctant to do.

    Can you tell me why the idea of building and being a part of network is important to you? Also have you thought about how you might foster or stay in touch with these networks as time goes by? Often it is easy to meet people in a professional context but harder to stay connected.

    I’m also interested to see the notion of leadership emerging in what you’ve written. Can you expand more on what it means to lead a group of people or to be a good leader?

    Feel free to reflect on these questions in one of your blog posts or as a response to this comment.

    I look forward to reading more – and it’s great to see so many images on your blog too.

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