The building of networks has been a key consideration to me over the last few months working alongside the Digital Maker Collective. I am constantly aware of the time frame of the internship which gives me a sense of urgency. I feel it necessary to build relationships with students, staff, industry professionals and institutions in a short amount of time that will benefit my professional development in the future. I think building organic business relations in the arts industry is mutually beneficial to both parties as I think they will lead to future collaborations, transactions, work, relations etc. I am constantly asking questions to inspiring people I am meeting to get the most out of conversations. People have valuable information to share, but most people are scared to ask seemingly silly questions. This is a huge shame as often those questions lead to very meaningful responses that can hold great value. I think networking is extremely key in any self motivated business. There is no defined pathway in the arts, like finance etc. We, as artists, have to utilise the resources, contacts and opportunities we are given to the full potential to create a support system or infrastructure that is beneficial for all involved.

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  1. Hi Izaak,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your description of, and approach to, networking. I think your focus on the mutually beneficial nature of networking is particularly important.

    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading your thoughts on leadership.


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