CCW Cookhouse Exhibition Meeting 30/1/18

With the other graduate interns, a meeting was set up to discuss the upcoming CCW Cookhouse Exhibition on April 16th. It was a productive meeting that established the scheduling and organisation of the event. We each gave our area of interest and availability for this event which then dictated who would invigilate, help install and deinstall and who would join in with critical reflections with students. I personally wanted to be involved with the crits as a means to engage with students and be involved in critical discourse about students work across the UAL colleges. I think Amy has done a great job in organising the event which could be a great success in integrating more students together from different universities.


Tate Late 26/1/18

The Digital Maker Collective were invited to the first Uniqlo Tate Late of 2018 which acted as a time to present the prototypes  all the Tate Exchange groups had been working on. We packed up the equipment at 10am at Chelsea and  delivered it all to Tate Modern at 1:30pm to install through the day. The event opened at 6pm and was flooded with people from 6-10pm. This experience was great working alongside the rest of the collective, showing the strength the group holds when all focussed on the same goal. Each work was received well, some better than others, and left the Tate staff very impressed. Personally, I am proud of the effort the Movement & Technology group put in, with such last minute changes to the work the evening before. We were able to handle the pressure and adapt to last minute technical difficulties and remain calm and focussed as a team. This event was also a great moment of reflection and critique. The work we (M&T group) produced was not very engaging and the public did not really know how to interact with the installation. I feel as if the visual side of the work has to be highly refined as it was bland and  uninviting. Whilst being disheartening at times, it was a great to get some feedback from audience members which will allow us to develop the project into something much more appealing for the final Tate Exchange in March. The collective work ethic did not end with the end of the event. After much hassle getting out of the Tate Modern we eventually packed up the taxis and were able to drop off all the equipment and works to the Gatehouse at Chelsea UAL for around 11pm.