Young Coders Tate Exchange 13/2/18

On the 13th, I attended the Young Coders Tate Exchange that gave young people and kids the opportunity to learn new digital skills and then lead a series of workshops for anyone of the general public to attend. The workshops were simple and accessible for any age range or audience member. Each workshop worked closely to Raspberry Pie computers and explored a different field ie: Workshop 1: Coding with Lights, Workshop 2: Coding for VR. It was great to see young people so engaged with current forms of technology and to for them to be given the opportunity to develop leadership skills and run classes to people twice their age. This event was great as it was all about open source concepts and the exchange of knowledge and information, giving everyone the tools to create something in the digital space. I learned a little about basic coding of lights, a simple ON & OFF code that allowed me to switch a small LED light on and off.

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