Digital Maker Collective Tate Exchange

From March 6-11th, we had theĀ Digital Maker Collective Tate Exchange event on the 5th floor of Tate Modern. This was an opportunity to showcase ideas and prototypes that all the groups working within the CCW Maker Spaces over the past few months had made. The lead upĀ for me included the collection of all Risk Assessment forms from each group, analysing for mistakes/errors and submitting with feedback, asking for resubmissions from some groups. This allowed me to develop my critical thinking and put myself in the mind state of the Tate Exchange team, thinking about what they may allow and what may not be acceptable in their standards. I became less integrated in specific groups and more of an organisational figure with a responsibility to all groups, providing assistance where needed. This role translated into the role I took on in the Tate Exchange event where I helped all groups wherever there was issue, in the best capacity I could. Also supporting Chris so that not all questions had to go through him. Taking on this responsibility was refreshing and allowed me to really contribute to the smooth sailing nature of the Tate event. I documented the entire event, produced social media content for @Digitalmakercollective, a @Chelseaual takeover and the @Techwillenslave Twitter and alongside the official videographer, edited the final recaps which happened every day after the 6 hour event. This role of floor management is an exhausting one but has definitely fed into my own experience. I put on events outside of this internship with my own business so the role within such a large scale, public facing event can only feed into my professional development in a positive manner. This event also showed me the importance of having a team. It is becoming increasingly clear to me that a team of people is needed when making anything successful, especially in events. Having different peoples assigned to different roles makes the running of an event much easier than carrying the burden of many different ones.


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  1. Hi Izaak,

    It’s great to catch up on what you’ve been doing and it looks like you’ve been taking advantage of every opportunity that has come your way. I’m really interested in the balance that exists between your practice of making (digital, drawing etc.) and your natural aptitude for planning and leading. I notice in your January post about the Tate Late you discuss the work the M&T group produced and in the post above you focus solely on the management and leadership aspects of the project. Do you have a preference for a way of working or the way you see yourself working in the future?

    Keep up with the blogging – it’s really great to get an insight into what you’ve been doing!

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